When Is ACL Reconstruction Necessary?

During physical activity, an injury to the bones and joints could happen anytime. One common site of injury is the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), which is the part in your knee keeping your shin bone, also known as tibia, in place. When this ligament is torn, your knee may not withstand physical activity as much as it used to.

In this case, an ACL reconstruction could be necessary. ACL reconstruction involves rebuilding of the ligament in order to restore or improve the normal stability and function of your knee.

You may consider having ACL reconstruction if you:

  • Have an ACL that is completely or partially torn, causing your knee to become too unstable to function.
  • Have already joined a rehabilitation program yet still have an unstable knee.
  • Want to bring back the stability and strength of your knee to keep up with your active lifestyle.
  • Have a condition called chronic ACL deficiency, in which the condition already affects your daily activities.
  • Have other injuries in other parts of your knee.

ACL reconstruction may not be necessary if you:

  • Have only minor tear in the ACL which could heal with rehab and rest.
  • Don’t have a lifestyle that requires a stable knee.
  • Are willing to quit activities or sports that may require a stable knee and find alternatives that have a lesser level of intensity, like swimming or cycling.
  • Are able to complete a rehabilitation program for stabilizing the knee and strengthening the leg muscles.
  • Feel uncomfortable about the long rehab program necessary for the recovery of the surgery.
  • Have certain medical problems that may affect the outcomes of the surgery.

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