Allogenic Stem cells Injections

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Dr. Tom Vangsness et. al,  published a Randomized Prospective Study in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-American recently.  After meniscus removal performed by arthroscopy the patients in the study either underwent a single blinded allogenic stem cell injection at high dose or low dose (bone marrow aspirated cultured and expanded) or injection of hyaluronic acid.  At two year followup the study demonstrated that in the stem cell group pain was significantly decreased.  Still there are questions, are allogenic (someone else’s stem cells safe to be given to another individual) safe in the long run, also the control group in the study was given a nonstandard dose of hyaluronic acid (only 20 mg), the usual dose is 60-100mg.  The processing of the cells seem to be quite complex.  This study was supported by Osiris Inc.