Ankle Sprain or Fracture

Rehabilitation exercises after ankle sprains or fractures

Balance (one leg)


Attempt to balance on right/left leg, eyes open, for 30 seconds. Perform exercise with eyes closed for 15 seconds. Stand next to a chair or wall for safety.

Ankle alphabet


Using ankle and foot only, trace the capital letters of the alphabet in the air. Perform A to Z. You can use the big toe as a pointer.

Towel pickup


With your heel on the ground, pick up a towel with your toes, using only the toes of your injured foot. Repeat 10 to 20 times. When this gets easy, add more resistance by placing a book or small weight on the end of the towel.

Ankle Inversion/Eversion


With the leg relaxed, gently turn ankle and foot in and out. Move through full range of motion. Avoid pain.



Standing on the injured ankle, place an elastic band under a table leg and over uninjured ankle. Pull to side, hold and return. Then face in opposite direction and pull across the injured ankle.