Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair-medium

Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair Protocol: Medium to Large Tear Size

This protocol was developed to provide the rehabilitation professional with a guideline of postoperative rehabilitation course for a patient who has undergone an arthroscopic medium to large size rotator cuff tear repair. It should be stressed that this is only a protocol and should not be a substitute for clinical decision making regarding a patient’s progression. Actual progression should be individualized based upon your patient’s physical examination, individual progress, and the presence of any postoperative complications.

The rate limiting factor in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair is the biologic healing of the cuff tendon to the humerus, which is thought to be a minimum of 8 to 12 weeks.

Progression of AROM against gravity and duration of sling use is predicated both on the size of tear and quality of tissue and should be guided by referring physician. Refer to initial therapy referral for any specific instructions.

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Phase I: Immediate Post Surgical Phase (Weeks 0–6)

Phase II: Protection and Protected Active Motion Phase (Weeks 7–12)

Phase III: Early Strengthening (Weeks 12–18)

Phase IV: Advanced Strengthening Phases (Weeks 18–24)