Avoid ACL Injury by Knowing the Causes

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a part of the knee that prevents the sliding out of the shin bone to the front of the thigh bone. When it sustains an injury, this ligament may tear and cause excruciating pain to a person. There are a lot of situations that can lead to an ACL injury, and it is best to know them in order to implement preventive measures before exposing yourself to such situations.

ACL Injury in Contact and Non-Contact Sports

You may think that the most common causes of ligament tear is engaging in sports, yet an ACL injury can happen even in the most unexpected situations. For instance, a person may stress the ACL if he moves in a direction quickly and stops all of a sudden. It can also happen in instances where a person lands from a jump.

Meanwhile, individuals who are fond of engaging in contact sports are more at risk for ACL tears due to hyperextension of the knee that happens when the foot is planted. Common sports activities that can cause this are basketball, football, skiing, and soccer.

ACL Injury: Who Are Common Victims?

It has been found out that women commonly fall prey to sustaining an injury to the ACL more than men. This does not have anything to do with the activities they perform, but in their natural anatomy. Since women have a wider pelvis than men, that is anatomically useful for childbearing, this increases stress on the ACL during certain activities. There are also genetic differences that contribute to the increase of ACL injury risk in women.

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