Your Comeback Routine After Shoulder Separation

There are many incidents that can inflict injury to the shoulder. This part of the body is commonly dislocated or separated, causing bothersome problems to daily life. While a dislocated shoulder can cause more serious complications, a separated shoulder is relatively easy to address – even without surgery.

Recover graciously from a separated shoulder

Whatever treatment you choose to address shoulder separation, whether through surgical shoulder separation repair in Dubai by the world’s bestshoulder surgery sports medicine surgeon or a less invasive procedure, the crucial part is your recovery.

Here are some exercises that can help improve your posture, shoulder blade stability, and rotator cuff strength as you recover from shoulder separation treatment.

  • Y, T, W, and L

This exercise can be done by gliding the shoulder blades down and backwards and respectively raising the arms to form the letter “Y”. After returning to the original position, and with the same method, the arms should be raised to the side, forming a “T”. This goes on, forming a “W” and an “L.”

  • Foam roll

With a foam roll placed under a side of your chest, lie face down and roll along one side. In case of any sore spots you are feeling, allow more time rolling on that area. Repeat the routine on the opposite side of your upper chest.

  • Double tennis ball

Tape two tennis balls in a way that they form a “peanut” shape. While you lie on your back, place the “peanut” under the spine, particularly on the area above your lower back. With your hands behind the head, do five crunches. Alternately raise the arms and reach over your head with each arm. Move the “peanut” balls an inch up your spine as you repeat the routine.

The best way to know the kind of shoulder separation repair that you need is to consult a sports medicine surgeon. Call us today at 971 4 385 6009 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Murrell and learn more about shoulder separation repair and recovery.