Would You Dare Run Barefoot?

Running barefoot is a fitness trend that is picking up more popularity today, but this does not mean that you are injury free especially with long distance races. Fortunately, sports medicine in Dubai offers quality individualized care for your sports injuries. Running, just like the rest of sports, can pose a great risk for many injuries on the hips, knees, legs and feet. Dr. William Murrell, Jr. is an expert sports medicine surgeon in Dubai. As a shoulder and knee specialist in Dubai, he can help with the rehabilitation of injuries sustained from sports.

Running barefoot is rooted to point out that humans ran and walked without shoes for millenniums before footwear was invented. Barefoot runners believe that running without footwear is normal for humans, makes the body stronger and reducing the risk for injury. Minimalist running without the footwear is known as natural running. Some running enthusiasts recommend running barefoot for the below reasons:

  • Reduce Risk of Injuries – Feeling the ground can lead runners to strike with the ball of the feet than heels which can decrease impact on muscles and joints, hence no injuries
  • Speed – barefoot can be very light compared to running shoes
  • Better Balance – because you can feel the ground better
  • Stronger Feet
  • Increased Muscle Tone

If you are planning to switch to run barefoot, it is highly recommended to do it gradually. Be on precautionary measures with the transition from running with your footgear into a barefoot runner. The reason for this is because of the changes in the muscle activity with your calves and the tibial shock will be greater with barefoot running. Hasty transitions can increase the risks to injuries such as calf strains and stress fractures.

If you suffer from a sport injury, you can seek the help of a certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Dubai. Call Dr. Murrell at 971-4-385-6009. We are focused to provide extraordinary care and to help patients understand and educate with the direction of your treatments.