Hip Injuries: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Hip injuries are common among the elderly. Accidents can happen anytime, and since elderly people are not getting any stronger, they are more susceptible to hip injuries. In one moment, they may be making their way to the bathroom and the next thing you know, they are already moaning in pain on the tiled floor due to a fall.

While accidents are inevitable, you are always given the chance to do every measure to prevent them from happening. Here are some tips to turn your homes fallproof for your elderly family members, which can be used as well by nursing homes and rehabilitation centers:

  • Lighting should not be too direct and too dim to help people navigate their way throughout the room. Light switches should also be accessible.
  • To avoid slipping and tripping, carpets and rugs must be tacked down.
  • Chairs should be stable, or without wheels, and should have arm rests.
  • Bathrooms must have grab bars on the corners where needed and should have a chair to be used when bathing. Floor mats should be skid-resistant while toilet seats have to be tall enough to allow easy navigation throughout the room.
  • Items that are frequently used must be reachable at waist level to keep the elderly from reaching from afar and possibly hurting themselves. To avoid slipping, a rubber mat or the application of a non-slip floor wax can help a lot.
  • Stairways have to be installed with handrails. Moreover, the steps must not be slippery.

Hip/Pelvis Surgical Procedures

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