Jumper’s Knee Injuries Prevention and Treatment

Are you an athlete who suffers from knee injuries and you want to find some remedies to heal and ease the inflammation and pain? Ultrasound Guided Injection PRP for Jumper’s Knee in Bethesda, Maryland is now a relief for athletes who suffers from Jumpers Knee.  American Musculoskeletal Wellness Institute, P.C. in Maryland or at Dr. Humeira Badsha Medical Clinic in Dubai is where you can find an experienced orthopedic surgeon such as Dr. William Murrell.  Jumpers knee or patella tendonitis is a type of knee injury more common to athletes as a result of constant jumping, landing and changing direction which strains, tears and damage the patellar tendon.
Dr. William Murrell is a highly trained sports medicine surgeon who can serve in his two addresses: Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Bethesda, Maryland.  The use of a Platelet Rich Plasma for treating jumpers knee that affects athletes who engage in different types of sports especially those sports that involve more jumping is made precise with the aid of an ultra sound guided injection.
Athletes are on the high risk group for jumper’s knee injuries.  You don’t have to be a jumper to get jumper’s knee.  Jumpers knee is a result of overdoing an activity that causes a small tears in the tendon leading to inflammation and pain.  Yet, we have gathered some useful tips for jumper’s knee injury prevention:
  • Warm Up – before doing training or competition
  • Take your Day Off – do not over-train to protect your tendon and not to overuse strengthening exercises – make your knee joint strong to keep up with the sport
  • Stretch
  • Look Out for Early Signs
  • Wear the Right Shoes and Apparel
If you are currently suffering a jumpers knee, contact us in Dubai by calling 9714-385-6009 or in Maryland by calling 1877-9943500!