What to Keep in Mind When Exercising with an Unstable Shoulder

ID-100109943An unstable shoulder is one condition that you would want to treat as soon as possible. When left untreated, it can lead to various serious injuries such as shoulder impingement or even rotator cuff tears. However, you can still prevent any of these from happening while counting the days to your shoulder surgery.

Avoid These Exercises at All Costs

While exercise helps keep bones and muscles healthy and functional, there are certain types of exercises that should be avoided by the person who has an unstable shoulder. These include incline bench presses, overhead shoulder presses, lateral raises with thumbs facing down, lateral pull-downs lifting the bar behind the head, and upright rows where weights are raised above shoulder height.

The Solution: Exercise Modifications

If there is no severe injury, an individual suffering from shoulder instability can modify his or her upper body exercises into much safer routines. The overhead shoulder press can be changed into one wherein the arms are placed a bit in front of the shoulders. During a bench press when the weights are lowered, keeping them above the chest for a few inches can help protect your affected shoulder. Meanwhile, you can modify a chesty fly by keeping your arms in front of your body.

What to Keep in Mind

While performing such exercises, remember to avoid any action that involves an increase in one’s range of motion, especially when they are done without the recommended modifications. Furthermore, adding more weight to these exercises can only result to further instability and even tears.

Unstable Shoulder Repair by the World’s Best Sports Medicine Surgeon

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