Meniscus Tear Pain: When is Surgery Needed?

A torn meniscus is a torn cartilage of the knee that can cause pain and swelling in the knee joint.  In accordance with the need of patients who experience this type of knee injury, an orthopedic surgeon in Dubai and Maryland offers a sports medicine service that includes treatment plan for knee injuries either in non-operative or surgical procedures.

Our knee joint plays a very important role in our daily activities.  The three parts of bones in our knees are covered with a layer of cartilage to allow the bone to move without hurting or impacting another and the meniscus sits between these cartilages to distribute weight and improve the stability of the joint. A torn meniscus is not only common to athletes traumatic injury but to older people because of their brittle cartilages.

Meniscus tear diagnosis is essential to come up with the right decision.  Treatment of a meniscus tear will depend upon the severity of the injury and size of the tear.  A mild or small meniscal tear may heal by themselves through non-operative treatment, while if the tear causes persistent troublesome symptoms, an operation will be suggested.  Surgery may be needed after the effects of non-surgical treatment do not work and the pain and other symptoms still persist. Surgery may be followed by rehabilitation exercises or physical therapy as prescribed appropriate by your doctor.

If you suffer from knee pain coupled with swelling, popping sounds, tenderness when pressing the knee and limited motion of the knee joint, then you better seek the help of an orthopedic center.  Dr. William Murrell, Jr. is a known shoulder and knee guru with facilities in Dubai and Maryland to accommodate patients suffering from sports injuries or musculoskeletal disorders.

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