Orthopaedic Sports Medicine in Dubai

Do you have injuries sustained from sports that resulted in bone or muscle deformities and you want to find the right rehabilitation for the treatment and correction of the musculoskeletal damage? Orthopaedic Sports Medicine in Dubai, UAE offers the expertise of Dr. William D. Murrell who is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in orthopaedic sports medicine.  Injuries sustained from sports resulting in bone, muscle and joint disorders can now find the best solution with an orthopedic surgeon in Dubai.

Orthopaedic Sports Medicine is a subspecialty of orthopedic and sports medicine.  Combining orthopedic medicine with sports medicine can achieve the best rehabilitation of injuries especially those sustained through sports.  You can only find the best musculoskeletal treatment in Dubai with Dr. Murrell.

Generally, Orthopedists treat disorders of the bones, joints, spinal columns, ligaments and tendons. On the other hand, doctors in the field of sports medicine treat injuries incurred by sports. Orthopaedic sports medicine can also treat injuries sustained by other causes of injuries such as car accidents.  The difference just lies down in the long term rehabilitation for injuries sustained by sports.

Doctors in the practice of sports medicine are all orthopedic surgeons while not all the doctors in the practice of orthopedics are sports medicine doctors.  Dr. William D. Murrell is the world’s best sports medicine doctor.  His orthopaedic sports medicine office in Dubai constantly works to pioneer new medical technologies and advances to be more capable and meet the demands of musculoskeletal treatments today.

Orthopedic Sports Medicine services of Dr. Murrell in Dubai includes non-operative and surgical procedures focusing on the following musculoskeletal parts:

  • ankle
  • elbow
  • hip or pelvis
  • shoulder
  • knee

Dr. Murrell will first conduct an assessment with the sustained injury and will recommend the suitable advanced clinical treatment for the patient.  Pre- and Post-Operative assessments will ensure the proper monitoring of the rehabilitation.

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