Rotator Cuff Repair

The most common disorder of the shoulder that we take care of in this region is rotator cuff tears. The injury can be seen after injury, however most of the time we see the problem in older active individuals. Because Dubai has a great number of pilots, and the great requirement for overhead activity, this disorder is seen often.

Initially clients are evaluated by discussion of the problem, as well as by physical examination. If additional studies are warranted, usually an ultrasound or MRI is obtained.

MRI image of torn rotator cuff.
torn rotator cuff torn rotator cuff2

Set-up of operating room for rotator cuff surgery, beach-chair position
Set-up of operating room Set-up of operating room2

Intraoperative images and video of rotator cuff tear:
Intraoperative images

Image of repaired rotator cuff tear
repaired rotator

Video of final repair of rotator cuff tear:

Post-operative MRI of repaired rotator cuff tear
Post-operative MRI