Play Golf Injury Free

Playing golf is beneficial to your health overll, but Golf injuries do happen. Dr. William Murrell, Jr. can be your orthopedic surgeon in Dubai and help with your sustained injuries due to sports. His practice, Sports medicine in Dubai, was able to help amany patients who suffered from sport injuries.

Golf is an increasingly popular sport which doctors recommend for optimum physical, and mental well being. This type of sport is not a contact sport but can result in injuries because of the repeated actions that can put stress on the muscles or tissues. Below are the common injuries that a golf player will sustain :

  • Lower back pain
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Foot pain

Playing golf can be injury free with the right mechanics of your golf swing and the below tips:

  • Don’t swing too hard or fast – or else you may stress your joints
  • Stay smooth with your swing – do not depend on one part of your body but the force must come from all the muscle groups starting from your ankles to your wrists
  • Proper Posture – avoid hunching which may contribute to neck and back pain
  • Take golf lessons – learn first before embarking on this type of sport and avoid injuries

Your golf swing involves your whole body. A well executed swing may involve your arm and wrist and golf injuries are more common on these areas. Poor swing mechanics, overplaying, failure to warm up are among the causes for injuries in golf.

If you suffer golf injuries, you can seek the help of a certified Orthopedic Surgeon in Dubai. Call Dr. Murrell at 971-4-385-6009.