Preventing Elbow and Shoulder Injuries: Tips for Climbers

Climbing is a good sport to invest your time and energy into. However, this activity can take its toll on you, especially with the repetitive motions you have to do. This sport involves a lot of pulling down and pulling in towards the body. What’s worse is that the same muscles get all the hard work each day. What can you expect? An extreme wear and tear of the shoulder and elbow joints, of course.

Good news! You can prevent this from happening by doing simple small circuit exercises. You may even do these to promote healing in case of injuries in the area.

Eccentric Wrist Curls

With your arm set straight, put three straightened fingers at the edge of your desk while your wrist is pointed down. Then, press into the table with firm pressure maintained. Drop your wrist slowly to lengthen the wrist flexor. Some pain in the tendons may be felt as your wrist extends, especially if you have had an injury in the past.

Once you have reached the end position, bring your wrist back up to its starting position and repeat the routine in sets of 15. This exercise especially addresses the inner elbow.

Tennis Elbow Wrist Curls

Addressing the outer elbow this time, tennis elbow wrist curls are the exact opposite of eccentric curls. With straightened arms, turn the wrist downward and rest it on the knee while your other hand is on top of it. Then, pull your wrist upward to extend it by moving the back of your hand towards you. Do this while adding pressure using your other hand. Individuals with a tennis elbow will feel pain in the outer elbow when performing this routine.

Elbow and Shoulder Surgery

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