Rotator Cuff Repair in Dubai or Maryland

Do you suffer from shoulder pain when you lift your arm up above your shoulder level? Well, that can be an indication of a rotator cuff tear.  Rotator cuff repair with Dr. William Murrell either in Dubai or Maryland can be your remedy.  Rotator cuff repair is a type of surgery to repair a torn tendon in the shoulder.  This is the most common disorder of the shoulder that Dr. Murrell take care of given his credibility as a sports medicine surgeon.
You can also feel pain in the sudden movement of your shoulder.
Rotator Cuff  Tear is more common to people beyond their 40’s.  Below are some common causes for rotator cuff tear:
  • Trauma – falling on your arm can cause the injury
  • Normal Wear and Tear – big chance when you are above the age of 40
  • Overuse – such as lifting and pulling heavy objects
  • Incorrect Posture – when you slouch your neck and forward your shoulder
If you feel weakness in your arm, moving your arm in a certain way really hurts, feel soreness and stiffness in your shoulder, feel a tear in your shoulder and the pain disturbs you even when you are asleep, these are a good signal for you to consult with a sports medicine surgeon.  Do not leave this condition untreated, otherwise you will face the possibility of progression of the tear and a 90% chance that you will never raise your arm over your head again.
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