The Secret to an Injury Free Season (and Improved Performance!) is In Your Bedroom

injury free and improve performance linked with good sleepRecent scientific findings are now pointing to sleep as a very important element in preventing sports-related injuries. Here at our Maryland orthopedic sports medicine practice, we also noticed that athletes (whether seasoned or professional) who tend to get themselves injured are the ones who skip frequently on sleep and doesn’t allow themselves to recover fully by getting enough rest.

Lack of Sleep Linked to Sports Injury in Adolescent Athletes

This study concluded that adolescent athletes who sleep at least 8 or more hours each night were 68 percent less likely to get injured than their colleagues who get less hours of shut-eye each night. Although the survey done in 112 adolescent athletes were originally designed to figure out the risk factors associated with injuries, the researchers were quite surprised with the findings that lack of sleep played a very significant role in increasing an athlete’s risk of acquiring injury.

 Sleep and Athletic Performance

In addition, another study in 2009 found out that just one night of sleep deprivation could significantly decrease exercise performance. On the other hand, a study on Stanford University swimmers revealed that those who slept roughly 10 hours per day were able to improve their 15-meter sprint times, turn times, reaction times, and kick strokes. Alertness and their mood states were also significantly improved.

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