Having Symptoms of Shoulder Separation? You Might Need Surgery!

Because of our active lifestyle, we are always prone to accidents and injury. This usually occurs in contact sports, such as wrestling, football, or rugby. When a fall or a sharp blow occurs to your collarbone, forcing it to separate from your shoulder bone, shoulder separation happens. Most of the time, this condition requires shoulder separation repair surgery in order to treat it and alleviate its symptoms.

Check for the following signs and symptoms to know if you may be experiencing shoulder separation:

  • Pain is felt at the top of the affected shoulder.
  • The shoulder is swollen or bruises and cuts are present.
  • In more serious cases, you may notice a pointing lump at the top of the affected shoulder, which might be the end of your displaced collarbone. Once the affected arm is pulled down, this end tends to move upward.
  • Soreness and tenderness felt at the joint of the shoulder and collarbone
  • Nerve damage could occur, causing numbness or weakness in the muscles at the affected shoulder or arm. If you are experiencing this symptom, it is best to seek immediate professional help.

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