Tips To Make Your Next Run Injury Free

ID-10087472Running is a great way to stay in shape, loose weight, and improve your cardiovascular health, but running can also be hard on your joints. Use the following tips to make sure your next run is injury free.

Make Sure You Have A Solid Foundation

Wearing the right shoes is essential to having a safe run. Make sure your shoes are snug but not too tight, trade off between two pairs of running shoes, replace your shoes after every 300-500 miles.

Prepare Correctly

An injury free run starts long before your feet hit the pavement. Proper preparations will keep you energized, alert, and safe while you run.

  • Start with a good night’s rest. Getting plenty of sleep is crucial to preventing injuries while running. Sleep gives your body and your mind time to rest, which means that when you’ve had enough sleep you’ll be more alert, have better posture, and have the energy to run correctly.
  • Eat a snack. Your body needs fuel for all that exercise. Going running without eating could leave you lightheaded or sap your energy.
  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is also essential to keeping your energy up and keeping your mind alert. You’ll be more likely to trip, twist an ankle, or come down too hard if your mind is mushy from dehydration.
  • Stretch and warm up. You’ll be less susceptible to injuries if you warm up before you start your run. Stretch your leg muscles as well as the rest of your body before starting your warm up. Then, do jumping jacks, walk for a mile, or jog for a few minutes before you hit the road.

Pace Yourself

Many injuries happen because a runner tries to go too fast, run too far, or increase mileage too quickly. Pace yourself and listen to your body. Give yourself breaks from running so your muscles and joints don’t get too worn out. Swim, bike, do yoga, box, or lift weights a few times a week. Other exercises will strengthen your entire body, which will make you less prone to injury on your run.

Cool Down Correctly

Cooling down is just as important as the rest of your workout. After your run, take time to walk or jog for a few minutes. Then be sure to stretch for a few minutes to prevent soreness and stiffness.


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