Tips To Prevent Injuries in Sports

Engaging in different kinds of sports is the number one means of keeping yourself healthy.  Getting active with sport activities can sometimes lead to unavoidable injuries that can be treated effectively with Orthopedic Sports Medicine in Dubai through Dr. William Murrell.

Almost all of the mild sports injuries can be treated effectively and for only a short period of time you can resume playing the kind of sports that you love.  Playing your sports can be even better and avoid some injuries such as sprains and strains by practicing some precautionary measures.  You should take note of the following tips to prevent injuries in sports:

  • Shoes – choosing the right shoe for the right sport and your type of feet is very important to prevent injuries to your feet, ankles and legs.
  • Clothing – comfortable clothing appropriate for the type of sports activity to enable a full range of motion.
  • Protective Gear – it is advisable to wear a protective supporter if you are a male or a good sports bra if you are a female.  Wearing wrist braces, knee or leg supporters and protective eyewear are also advisable depending on the type of sport.
  • Mouth guard – this is to guard your mouth, tongue and teeth against possible injuries.

Safety tips are just preventive measures to avoid any type of injuries while performing sports and exercises.  Your musculoskeletal system involves the muscles, bones, cartilages and associated tissues.   If injuries such as fractures, dislocations or splints still result despite wearing the right protective measures and you experience some pain, swelling and numbness, then you better consult Dr. Murrell.  He is a specialist orthopedic surgeon in Dubai who can help the analysis and rehabilitation of your sports injury.

Call Dr. Murrell now at 9714 385 6009!  Orthopedic Sports Medicine is the best choice for treating sports injury in Dubai.