Do You Have Jumper’s Knee? Seek Treatment Right Away!

ID-100215465The knee serves a very useful role in our mobility, especially for the active, sporty individual. This is why getting jumper’s knee can be a frustrating situation for someone who is always on the go. Certain activities would be hard to do once you develop this injury. Hence, it is advised to seek treatment right away.

What is jumper’s knee?

Anyone who is involved in activities that require jumping has a high risk of having jumper’s knee. Medically termed as patellar tendinitis, this common condition of the knee is known as an overuse injury where the patellar tendon becomes inflamed. The patellar tendon is a part of the knee covering the patella or the kneecap and is responsible for attaching the top of the lower leg where the bony knob is felt.

How does one get jumper’s knee?

The inflammation of the patellar tendon is caused by overdoing a certain activity, may it be jumping, kicking, or running, and putting continuous stress on the area. It can occur most especially when the patellar tendon is not strong enough to carry such excessive load.

More specifically, a jumper’s knee happens when the leg repeatedly receives impact against a hard surface while the knee is bent partially. This can cause tiny tears in the tendon which could lead to pain and inflammation. When worse comes to worst, it can even cause the area to completely rupture.

Ultrasound Guided Injection PRP for Jumper’s Knee in Dubai

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