Dr. William Murrell talks about new treatment options needed for symptomatic knee cartilage problems -Dubai Press Release

symptomatic knee cartilage problems Dubai press release

Dr. William Murrell speaks on New treatment options needed for UAE national men in 20’s and 30’s suffering from symptomatic knee cartilage problems-Dubai Press Release

Orthopaedic surgeons in the UAE have been working tirelessly to bring a cutting edge treatment from abroad to help treat various symptomatic knee cartilage conditions that are commonly found in UAE men who are in their 20’s and 30’s. Although total knee replacements are frequently used to treat patients of 55 or older, experts in the UAE are now looking for alternative treatment methods for those younger patients who wish to remain as productive members of society.

For the past three years, Dr Murrell and his team have been working on bringing in a cutting edge treatment from abroad that could significantly help these younger patients. The treatment utilises a common orthopaedic procedure called ‘marrow stimulation’, combined with adding autologous (cells from the patient) peripheral blood progenitor cells (cells that can differentiate to form one or more kinds of cells, but cannot divide and reproduce indefinitely) and hyaluronic acid that is injected after surgery. Many of the treatments offered abroad are not yet available in the UAE due to regulations surrounding the manipulation of tissue abroad and then reimporting them into the country.