Who’s at Risk for Shoulder Separation?

A separated shoulder is a condition wherein the ligaments in the shoulder joint are torn or stretched. Anyone can experience shoulder separation; however, athletes are more prone to experiencing this condition.

Shoulder separation occurs when an athlete gets a direct hit on the shoulder by another athlete and falls shoulder first to the ground. This could also occur once the athlete hits the ground with his or her arm extended. The trauma brought by this incident can cause the ligaments in the shoulder joint to stretch or tear, which may cause the bones of the shoulder to separate.

Typical scenarios that may cause a separated shoulder include:

  • A gymnast trying to break his or her fall using the arm
  • A hockey player who is being checked by his or her opponent
  • A quarterback hitting his shoulders during a passing motion

Typically, the ones who are at risk for having a shoulder separation are athletes who are involved in contact sports, like hockey, football, or basketball. The risk for shoulder separation in these individuals is high. Next in line are those athletes who are prone to falling while training or during the competition itself. These athletes include cyclists, gymnasts, volleyball, lacrosse, and rugby players.

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